Users management


Owners are able to manage their properties using the property management menu presented in the admin area page. Depending on the package selected at registration or the one assigned by the administrator, the property owner has certain rights and he can add a precise number of properties.

Properties management

The owner has full control on his properties (based on the assigned profile), meaning that he can enter the properties description and price structure, upload images, manage reservations, configure the payment gateways to use by his clients for the payments.

Calendar/ToDo agenda

Based on the the events generated by the system, a calendar is displayed on the dashboard: payments due, newsletter sending, expired subscriptions, LMO. The owner has also the possibility to define events / reminders.


The new Dashboard is focused on the most relevant tasks "one click access": property management area functions, reservations management, advertising features and other important functions.

Agents and Caretakers management

The owner has access to the agents and to the caretakers management areas, being able to add his own agents and caretakers and also assign them properties.

Internal messaging

The internal messaging system allows the owner to contact the system administrator, his caretakers and customers. Each user will be notified when receiving an internal message.



The registered clients have access to a batch of facilities defined by the system administrator, such as:

» discounts;
» promotional codes;
» reservations log (all the reservations made by the member);
» add to favorites;
» availability calendar (allows the member to check the availability for a selected property)



An agent can receive different discounts depending on the administrator settings. For each reservation made by the agent, the discount (percentage or fixed amount) is subtracted from the total to pay. This type of users can be added only by the administrator or the owner (if the profile allows him to).

The agents have the possibility to:

» book online the assigned properties (for a certain client or for themselves)
» manage clients (add/delete/modify)
» list bookings according to their status (approved/waiting for approval/declined)
» receive invoices sent by the administrator/owner
» check the files uploaded by the administrator/owner
» use the IM system for sending messages to the administrator, owners, clients
» make online payments

The property owner can create and manage travel agent accounts for his properties. The discounts he is offering as well as the invoicing are not depending on the administrator (however, the site administrator can see the assigned agents and manage their accounts).

The invoices are sent by the property owner and the administrator (for his own properties).



The caretakers are added by the administrator or by the property owners. To each caretaker will be assigned specific properties and tasks (related to a property's reservations). Within the caretaker's account the following options are available:

» internal messaging with email notifications
» daily calendar where the assigned tasks are listed;

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