Price management

The main advantage of the booking system is that the owner can define complex pricing structures by filling in only a couple of fields (like daily, weekly, weekend rates or pricing based on number of guests/discounts/seasons).

Price management options

Ratecard - easily define complex pricing structures using the seasons and the appropriate structure type: Daily/Weekend/Weekly prices, Daily/Weekly/Monthly prices or Per Guest prices;

Special days/weeks/months - define special prices (higher or lower than the base price) per season;

Holiday packages - allow the your clients to book a specific period including additional services, for a special price;

Last minute offers - add last minute offers;

Additional services - select the additional services available for a property;

Combined days - offer combined days discounts;


Seasonal prices management

Using the price management options you have the possibility to define seasonal prices: season start and end date, season price and season name.


Multiple types of discounts

The script allows you to define different types of discounts, depending on the pricing structure you choose to define:

discounts based on the selected period: the user chooses to decrease the daily price on a certain period (percentage or fixed amount);

discounts based on the number of booked days: the user defines the minimum / maximum number of days that have to be selected in order to apply the discount (percentage);

discounts based on the number of selected days and guests: the system automatically populates this area when the ratecard feature is used.


Special offers and holiday packages

A Holiday package is defined as a booking period including extra additional services, sold at a special price. When defining a holiday package, the script will modify the prices on the booking calendar and make the modifications in the special days structure.

The package can be defined for several periods in order to avoid reentering the details if the same service package is offered during different periods of the year.

The owner/administrator has also the possibility to automatically decrease the price when bookings are not done on a certain period (last minute offers).

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