"This is a great program, very user friendly for both customer and administrator. The program is both flexible and well executed in addition it uses a wide range of payment processors. Technical support from the providers is excellent with a very fast response time. We will be recommending this software to other clients of ours."

John Mills

"Hello everyone! We just launched a new website with the 'online rent' We would like to thank Catalina for the great support and help for realizing this project. The support is fast and professionaly done. With a few modifications like intergrating iDeal payment processor and some mods in the booking system, we are very pleased with the result. Romedchim International SRL, thank you!"

Martijn van Heugten

"We have found the online-rent products and service both to be excellent. No matter how good any software is, it has to have first rate support and maintenance. In this regard we have found online-rent second to none and would strongly recommend them"

Andrew Millar

"To give my penny's worth, the rental system from Romedchim is quite frankly outstanding. We have had more than numerous modifications and Catalina with her team have excelled themselves in interpreting our requirements and translating them into a working system that does everything we want it to do and much more ... With all best wishes"

Deryn Best

"We have been using this company since november 2004 and without any doubt they are the secret of our success in the rentals and property markets. The speed of service, technical awareness and answers to the numerous modifications and questions we have thrown at them are always treated with the highest response and a solution solving answer. They come highly reccomended from Asian Luxury Villas / Phuket Luxury Villas"

Paul Spring

"We've been using the online rental script for almost a year now. We are in the USA and while we've had a number of customizations and ran into some coding glitches, the support from Catalina has been outstanding! The script is great and we're probably having some of our issues as we're trying to do too much and take advantage of all the features. Our business is thriving and we do love the software and all the features and options it has given us. However, the absolute best feature is the support that we've had from Catalina - we know she works very hard to correct any issues and has given us the confidence that if we do run into a glitch that it will be addressed as soon as possible. Thank you Catalina and the online-rent team!"

Patti Kivel


"Being a small host in Athens, Greece we received many requests for hotel sites the last couple years but I could not find a reliable company to set me up with one and we did not want to spend a year building one from scratch. I found and I purchased the software from for some of my customers' hotel sites a couple years ago and had one of my guys complete these jobs. On my last hotel I spent much more time inserting the properties on my own and found out how easy the online rent software really was to use. This software is very professional and I would recommend it to anyone who needs a rental property web site. Also the support is excellent."

Angelo Bilianis

"Right from the very beginning of testing the online-rent script we knew we didn't need to look any further for a holiday rental script. We can only say positive things about the script itself and the company behind it. Catalina is an absolute star, we have had many modifications and she has been able to interpret sometimes very vague requests into working solutions. The developers are fast and efficient providing bug free code. All modification prices are lower than you would expect especially when you see how quickly the turnaround time is. We are now on our fourth copy of the script and have no intentions of stopping. Our clients are very happy with the results. If you are looking for a holiday rental script then I would highly recommend online-rent. It is the most sophisticated, flexible script out there and is supported by a quality team that delivers on their promise at reasonable prices."

Bill Connell

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Walter Tengler

"Thanks Catalina and the Online-Rent team for your solid support over the years and for helping us with our special customizations too."

Nigel Roese


"I am really happy with the script. It has many options and the people behind it are professional, speak good english and offer good assistance."

Joris Doesburg

"Last week, I sold the domain name. Knowing that there were around 400 advertisements in the system and still having the original database and data in place, I contacted the developer and asked if I could move the licence to a new domain on the same server. Within an hour or so, I got my reply, along with an amended config file that allowed the new site to operate. By moving the original installation to the new site directory and adding the new config, the new site was up and running again immediately. A few technical issues cropped up though and I needed the developer's support - which was provided instantly, which is pretty good because I bought this software years ago and am not sure that I'm entitled to this wonderful level of support, which has been given freely and without complaint. For this reason, I'd like to give something back in the way of this testimonial and ask you, if you're in any way considering running a property rental (or sales) site, whether it be for hotel rooms, villas, apartments or anything in this market, either as a stand-alone property rental, an agency or a portal - just take a look at this Online Rent script."

David Calder

"I initially used the script year 2004. I have looked around, everywhere and this is THE best script I could find and really Online-Rent is selling the script at too low price compared to what you get! I can see that the script has been changed a bit with time and in some ways it's really neat. Especially for taking care of bookings etc. i.e. having cronjobs to remind you and so on. Thank you all for designing such a nice script at such a nice price. I really appreciate your efforts and recommend this to all who need a good script at a good price. The support and service I have recieved afterwards has been simply superb.I vouch that Romedchim International is a reliable and trustworthy company."

Maria H Ringdal

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Toni Liufalani

"Thanks for the upgrade and showing me the map capability, which for some reason I missed. You really do have a great software package here and it does everything I need it to! Whatever extensions I need you can add as affordable....cheers!"

Brett Young

"The Online Rent script is amazing, with really great features. It is possible to customize your website to your specifications, and the staff are unfailingly helpful and supportive all the way through. A fantastic service."

Catherine Parr