Calendar management

The property calendar can be easily managed by using the appropriate features available in the property management area. There are three types of calendars that can be used for the reservation: daily, weekly and monthly. Depending on the selected type of calendar, the system will adjust the property features in order to fit the new calendar type.


The property availability is set by activating the appropriate years and days / weeks / months (based on the renting type: daily, weekly or monthly).

There are two steps to follow in order to define the property availability:

» select the years
» select the days/weeks/months (based on the property's renting type)


Advanced availability management area

For the properties rented on a daily basis, the system offers to the user the possibility to mark the calendar dates as booked, available or unavailable. The dates will be marked with different colors on the booking calendar.


Frontend booking calendar

The main advantage of the booking system is that the owner can define complex pricing structures. On the frontend booking calendar the customer will be able to view all price calculation details, such as taxes, discounts, additional services, deposit and balance amounts. The seasonal prices (Low and High seasons) are marked with special colors on the booking calendar (each color code is explained within the calendar legend).

The booking calendar allows the user to select the period, then finish the reservation process by entering the client details.

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