Booking system

Booking System

Booking Calendar

The booking calendar display the availability of a property and allow the customer to select the vacation dates. Price calculations are done in real time and the booking enquiry is sent to the property owner.

Booking Management

The options available in the booking system area are: approve, decline, delete, send reminder, edit, modify final price, add deposit. When a reservation is made, the property owner will receive a notification email. If the profile allows him, he can approve/reject the reservations otherwise the administrator will manage their bookings.

Instant Bookings

The administrator and the owner can choose to manually add a booking by using the option available within the reservation system administration area. The booking calendar available within the administration area allows the user to select the period, then finish the reservation process by entering the client details.

Advanced Booking Management

The advanced booking management system gives the owner a maximum flexibility when handling the booking system procedures. Because in each organization the work-flow and document flow related to reservation system may be different, with the advanced booking management system you have the possibility to:

define the stages (steps) for the reservations management process;

define the stages and the actions status (ie ongoing, completed etc); the actions can be mandatory or not, trigger the execution of other defined actions;

define custom templates for all the users connected to a reservation (administrator, property owner, client, agent, caretaker). Variables are available for including in the email booking information such as arrival date, departure date, property name, price etc. The templates are defined using a HTML editor, this allowing the text formatting;

define the actions inside each stage/step (assign email templates, approve / decline reservations, attach documents emails etc).

Booking Payments

19 payment processors are already integrated in OnlineRent: PayPal,, and many others. Payments by wire transfer or cheque are also options included in the script and available to all property owners.

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